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femminilizzazioneThe term " feminization " stands for the assumption by a male's physical, mental or external female . Having said these words, the word can be articulated in various senses , in fact the term " feminization " means many things. Characteristic common to all , however, is the fact that a male individual aspires to become woman . Can be multiple levels of these transformations , depends from the objective of the subject who undertakes this path . There may be people who simply wear women's clothes , often intimate , until you meet people who are surgically removed the penis instead of a vagina is reconstructed femminilizzazionequale . Often the physical change in any form is fulfilled , is associated with the psychological need to feel female , indeed , often need physical and psychological need to go together and enhance each other . That is, the drive to be more and more women on the outside, often accompanied by the urge to adopt attitudes and behaviors women increasingly sophisticated . If the need to appear woman satisfies trying to get a physical appearance closer to that of a biological woman , to satisfy the psychological aspect , there are various devices , such as: the aucondizionamento , psychology or hypnosis. Being the " Feminization " a transformation, it may be misleading to attribute the characteristic behavior or sexual practice . Admittedly, the sexual aspect is crucial in this way, but it would be simplistic to consider it along the lines of Ballbusting , the Fat , of Bukkake ... etc etc. . More precisely , however, we are faced with a person who, for his aspiration , want to be a woman and that " woman " is in the ability to perform any practice or sexual behavior. Consider the " Feminization " in this light , it leaves little room for Forced Feminization . In fact , if forced feminization refers to some sort of arrangement whereby man is educated and forced to dress and behave as a woman by another person , we are part of the " game " in the sense that the " forcing " originates from a consensual agreement between the actors. If, however , we consider the forced feminization as a practice in which a person forces another person to become woman outside and apart from his will , miss , therefore, we would be consensual and , therefore, to take abuse .

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