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By the term ENDORPHINS ( name given in 1975 date of discovery of the same ) indicate those proteins produced by the brain can inhibit or alleviate painful forms , like a common opiate, improving, in this way , the mood of the individual. in the jargon we can define "drugs " of the organism . The word consists of two suffixes , ENDO which means inside and Orfina which means Morphine ( common medicine used to fight stages of acute pain ) . They are generated by binding to receptors in the hypothalamus and brain cells inhibit the transmission of pain signals to the nervous system affecting , however, ' the emotionalism' and behavior. Within the BDSM endorphins are a determining factor Asthe are able to release sex hormones , turning pain into a state of pleasure and excitement, that 's why in many practices also is a rather bloody (acupuncture , flogging , etc. . ) who receives pain into a state of " alienation " as if under the influence of drugs and reacts with pleasure and thrill-seeking stronger and stronger . Susceptible people , in situations seemingly unacceptable , Endorphins produce in quantities ' such as to make him reach orgasm intensity remarkable.


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