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Edge play

Posted in Glossary BDSM


Literally translated to " play to the limit ," the edge in the field of play bdsm exists when , in full awareness of the risks involved , there is the decision making practices that can be particularly harmful to the body or the mind. Particularly used by those who practice TPE ( total power excenge ) , the edge play requires a strong dose of confidence, a well-established relationship , a strong sense of responsibility and a clear agreement between the parties, to minimize the possibility of damage permanent . It ' important that those who decide to take this route do so under the supervision of experts with adequate health care , remember that in the past we have witnessed very serious cases of edge play that due to the shallowness of those who have practiced , have also led subjected to the death of the subject . Bearing in mind the subjectivity of the limitations and the consequent perception of edge play, we list some practices that can be categorized under this term: games with blades, which can lead to emmorraggie if there is ' a strong bleeding , asphyxia , where the absence of even momentary oxygenation to the brain can cause permanent damage ; scat, high risk of contracting viral diseases ; ballbusting , which if practiced too often can lead to sterility , cbt , ballbusting that as in the can ' cause sterility ; barebacking or unprotected sex , if practiced occasionally can lead to contracting sexually transmitted diseases , all those practices with a strong psychological humiliation that long term can lead to imbalances in health care ' mental individual. It ' important to remember that in BDSM, any practice that involves risk so the term edge play can' be applied in all cases where the stupidity and carelessness of those who practice only driven by curiosity , or do harm to those who, with confidence, relies !


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