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donarsiIn the famous novel Histoire d'O , there is a passage where it is said that a slave must give themselves to belong before . I just Qusta profound statement because if the slave is not master of himself and his emotions , little or nothing could offer to their Domme . The exchange between the two must be then in a continuous exchange of emotions and love. If the diver feels loved and protected by his Domme that will gratify even over - measure. Think about these my personal statements and will derive benefit. If you are Dom , you will find this occurrence will be high as the affection of your sub, a bit ' like when dogs are parties to the pleasure of finding the Lord . If you sub, you will measure the affection of your Sun , from the more poignant will be waiting in finding him . This will be the signal of mutual love. Love will be the locomotive that runs on two long tracks .... And there aguro that is ahead is very long .


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