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Posted in Glossary BDSM


One of the most significant aspects in BDSM is "research " whether physical pain that mentale.E ' clear that we enter a particularly subjective and therefore the reasons and aspects can be manifold. But almost all have a common denominator , to realize, through this research, themselves / s . Different angle as the pursuit of pleasure (perhaps the less noble ), or the desire to expiate feelings of guilt ( the most intense ), or to feel in line with his own being (the most suggestive ) . Each difficult to go, each with increasing difficulty for the next time , once you reach the first step , ie the first pain. it's difficult to place the order if the first is the physical and then the mental or back. Let's take for example separately and we will realize substantial differences in these events. Physical pain is something caused by an action , a movement that product in general by another person (Master or Mistress ) brings or slave to that state of pain perception , with more or less intensity depending on the case . but more action is the cause . The mental pain is something different , perhaps higher even by those who perpetra.Un mental pain can be given also to such behavior or even by exposure verbal. In this case, the pain may have the most significant impacts with respect to the physical . Engage your mind always gives more intense sensations , fully covers your area , does it throb with greater vividness. Touches chords that any tool is more difficult sfiorare. For Finally, even if the theme is broad and would require a greater infiltration , . Sorrow, that both physical and mental , includes a contribution to psycho- physics is a remarkable and reach remarkable step forward into a reality ( LIFESTYLE BDSM) where often (unfortunately) the superficiality reigns .



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