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Posted in Glossary BDSM


dilatazioniWidespread practice in the field of practice BDSM is the deep and progressive dilatation anal or vaginal. The pleasure derived, according to many is better than any orgasm. You can deal with the ever increasing size of objects falliformi to get to the introduction of human limbs. This practice is defined FIST and is named after the location of a fist inside the body of the recipient. Who insinuates that the hand is called Fister, the person who receives: fistee. The expansion should be done very gradually, and always with the use of lubricants, better if not of dubious origin, as is unfortunately becoming common use, especially in circles gay (very dangerous products are normally intended for use in veterinary medicine). We recommend using sterile objects, hypoallergenic steel or common dildos cleaned with antiseptic. Avoid internal rotation is to practice only after heavy internal cleansing.


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