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De Sade

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desadeDonatien Alphonse Francois de Sade , better known as the Marquis de Sade , was born in Paris June 2, 1740 .

At 14 he was enrolled in a military school in 1763 with congede gradodi captain, and start to have a life of divertimento.nello same year he was forced by his father to marry Renee Pelagie De Montreal girl appartenentea a noble family but very rich , probably as they say the gossip of the time, simirava heritage of the girl.

With the marriage , the Marquis does not change his habits, and was arrested in a brothel for cmportamento outrageous , was imprisoned for 15 days by opening a long series of arrests.

In 1768 ends up back in prison with a sentence of six months to get poisoned and kidnapped a woman. In 1772 during an orgy with four prostitutes, offers gold cakes with aphrodisiac substances , but the prostitutes feel bad is accused of poisoning and sodomy Marquis , Marquis manages to escape in Italy where he calls himself Count DE Mazan , but is arrested by the militia of the King of Sardinia and sent to prison in Milan . after five months run away for years unable to continue his life full of scandals, until when was arrested in Paris in 1777 , and sent to the prison of vincennes where I start to write plays and novels. when it was transferred to the Bastille wrote the 120 Days of Sodom and misfortunes of virtue , and built a library filled with more than 600 volumes forced to leave to be transferred to a mental hospital. With the fall of the Bastille was released and wrote many works of which the new justine and crimes of love , the latter as published at first in 1790 with author anonimo.nel tired of his abuse his wife leaves him and their children emigrate , left alone is accompanied by Constance Marie Quesnet young actress who will stand by his side until his death . His works give scandal , even anonymous sesono are attributed to him , and so he was sentenced without trial once again in 1801 and locked up in a mental hospital for charenton . Here he spent 13 years , where he died December 2, 1814 at 74 years old. The Marquis spent 30 years of his life in jail , but the scholars of our time say that his accusations were too exaggerated, and therefore his imprisonment . His works are rehabilitated in the twentieth century , and culture is full of references to the Marquis de sade , there are literary, theatrical, film making reference to its scritti.il sadimo term that comes from the sound of the name , it is used to pain perriferirsi physical and mental sessuale.nella within modern culture his works are considered masterpieces where the explicit language fights against the hypocrisy of that time and enhances the freedom of speech.


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