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The Crucifixion was a practice which is thought to date back to the times of babbilonesi . It was later adottatta by the Romans as execution of capital punishment to be applied on the slaves, foreigners or belonging to social classes more ' low ( subversive ) Preceded by scourging consisted in hanging the offender with ropes to a wooden cross , a pole or to a structure in the shape of an inverted V , and cause death of the cost for compression and consequent choking. To avoid possible escape routes, the victim was often broken legs with rudimentary clubs . The symbolism of the crucifixion through the nails and ' de facto mere fantasy , and asthe ' demonstrated that such nails would not be able to support the weight of the condemned . In the field of BDSM , this practice , and ' appreciated Asthe submit him / her slave to a major physical effort to maintain a position that allows smooth breathing which is facilitated by supports placed at the genitals that tralaltro cause intense stimulation . Foresight has it that when one is engaged in the practice of crucifixion being used etc. copious quantities of ropes and is NEVER too long for the times in order to avoid risky states that prevent choking chest breathing.

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