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Posted in Glossary BDSM


The giving or receiving a collar in BDSM is a highly symbolic act that lega profondamente the Dom to the sub , and vice versa , so this ritual should not be treated lightly . The collar is an outward sign of ownership consensual , and a relationship between Domme and slave , the word consensus is crucial. In BDSM collar is the equivalent of a wedding ring , and the collarizzazione is like a wedding ceremony , and it can not be taken lightly. Before giving or receiving a collar must discuss and make sure that they fully understand the true extent of this commitment , do not forget that here, as in marriage, sometimes negotiate is the foundation for a rewarding and enjoyable relationship , but especially long-lasting. Neither / a Domme , nor / a slave should feel compelled to give or receive a collar just because this ritual is part of BDSM . You should never accept a collar ( or offering one ) before you have discussed and agreed fully the nature of the commitments that you are making to each other . Usually the most genuine and real relationships are born with these assumptions. Collarizzare a / sub just met / o stands for lack of seriousness .


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