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The enema , also called barium enema or enema is a procedure in which you enter liquid solutions , generally medications in the rectum or colon tube inserted through the anus, usually in order to induce defecation. The enema or enema, then , is a medical practice referred to , mostly , to solve problems with constipation , although its use may have other purposes: medical , dietary or sexual abuse. The enema on a sexual level has many uses , in fact, can be used to clean before penetration , as punishment , or humiliation as a form of training or simply for enjoyment . In Bdsm , of course , the use of the enema and basically used as a punishment or as a humiliation. Among the circle of slaves is quite feared because it can also introduce several liters of fluid , forcing the subject to long endure the presence of the solution in your body causing severe cramping and, finally , to be forced to get rid in public or in situations of humiliating . The liquid used is usually water, to which you can add various substances to enhance effective practice , salt, oil , coffee or glycerin. The amount of liquid can be up to 3-4 liters , being careful , however, to never exceed 42 ° to the danger of scald the colon, very effective to punish the subject are those cold , that is between 20 ° and 35 ° , usually , however, using a liquid whose temperature is similar to that of the human body : 37 ° . The leasing agency has a wide choice regarding the duration of the enema , from 2-3 minutes up to a very slow filling , which can last several minutes . Even for what concerns the position to be taken by the patient there may be many possibilities ; depends on the imagination of the leasing agency . The fantasy of the leasing agency is also crucial to the residence time of the liquid in the body of the patient, and the means of evacuation . The following is the mode of execution. It should be remembered that, as the enema a practice that can cause damage , it is necessary to approach this technique with proper precautions.

- Perform an antiseptic handwash
- Prepare everything you need to make the maneuver
- The solution to be used should have a temperature equal to 37-38 ° C and the amount of the liquid to be introduced can vary from 500 to 1200 ml .
- Fill the irrigation tube and the probe of irrigation so doing the air out

In case of enema pressure with the sprinkler and the probe :
- Wear gloves and lubricate the probe to about 10 cm
- Gently insert the probe into the rectum to 5 cm in the direction
navel , and then open the clamp and let it flow a little ' liquid , moving the insertion of the probe for another 5 cm .
- Pour the liquid slowly and if the person accused pains to suspend watering for a few seconds .
- Stop the flow with the clamp before the end of the liquid in order not to favor the entry of air
- To invite the person to hold the solution for about 5-10 min
- Choose the "best" way to evacuate the patient

In case of low pressure bulb :
- Wear gloves and lubricate the nozzle of the bulb or sensor connected to it
- Gently insert the spout or the probe inside the sphincter
- empty the bulb with a constant pressure
- To invite the person to hold the solution for about 5-10 min
- Choose the "best" way to evacuate the patient



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