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Force castity

Posted in Glossary BDSM

castità forzata

Is a practice of domination , which is part of the technical CBT ( Cock and Ball Torture ) , is to deny one or more of the submissive sexual behaviors , and create uncomfortable situations and / or physical pain. It can be put in place verbally or by means of a prohibition imposed by the use of objects that physically prevent the submissive gesture that should not be done. And ' likely to think that the human sphere of pleasure, eroticism and sexuality have a lowest common denominator that is the penis , it is a demonstration of the great amount of gestures and thoughts that can be recognized as fallocentrici . To prohibit a normal attitude towards what is the most explicit reference to its sensuality and pleasure center leads to a rapid abandonment of normality and power on themselves, then to a disruption . It is secondary to the fact that this abnormal situation leads us to think much more often the constraints that you have, which presumably increases the attention and the desire to do what you can not . In chastity imposed by objects there are two main practical steps that should be taken , the chastity belt imprisoned in a cage of metal or rigid plastic scrotum and penis then urination and erection are hindered . First, good hygiene should be maintained with suitable detergents because the obstacle of the cage increases the chances of bacterial growth , last but not least the penis during erections , locked in a confined space , you may ( if you wish : ) press against the walls of the cage, and this could cause redness or small tears to keep groomed.

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