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Is the term used to describe the dominant lesbian (from " tomboy " ) and is often used to refer to a lesbian with a purely masculine attire and attitudes , generally as opposed to femme , lesbian with an attitude and feminine clothing . Widely used since the fifties, and then often reduced to a stereotype, the dichotomy butch / femme was often criticized and rejected by the lesbian community. This saw the dichotomy of roles butch / femme , a perpetuation of patriarchy within the lesbian community , leading to discrimination against butches and femmes . The butch represent the partner physically active and therefore in a position of ' domain ' in sexuality . But unlike the dynamics of many heterosexual relationships , the role described by butch was that of giving sexual pleasure to the femme . The essence of this dynamic emotional / sexual is well described by the ideal of the " stone butch " or " butch untouchables" . To be untouchable meant to have pleasure in giving pleasure , a kind of slaves.

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