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Posted in Glossary BDSM

brandingBranding is a type of bodily mortification akin to stripping . In the BDSM practice is a rather rare and intended for a small circle of lifestyler . The branding or other techniques on the body / sub system is much stronger than in a serious way , claim to the property. In addition, special non-negligible resistance to pain derived from this practice is considered an act of courage greatly appreciated by any person dominating. Technically they are caused third-degree burns or using barette or steel tips incandescent , or with localized electric shock . Or is constructed a " mold " with the desired image. The result is skin designs, symbols or letters in red meat, in relief. It should be remembered that the branding is considered " permanent mark " and this could often conflict with the laws of the several legal matters . oreover still dealing with third-degree burns is a high risk of contracting serious infections.

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