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Posted in Glossary BDSM

beadingIs a modification of the body that provides for the implantation of beads under the skin of the penis. These implants are made both for an end to physical stimulation (for both the wearer and for their partners ), but also for aesthetics. The genital beading is more commonly performed by men , but , recently , some women have adapted this fashion as an incentive to the excitement . Once in place , the implants are permanent, but can be removed surgically . If the system routes it runs with the right precautions regarding sterility and with the proper materials , the recovery should be relatively quiet and no problems. Thorough cleansing of the stitches and the subsequent removal of the same should lower the risk of infection if you presentassero will be treated with the right antibiotics. In rare cases it presents the so-called rejection , in that case it is essential to implant removal . Rarely it happens that the skin becomes atrophied and let alone escape the beads deeming foreign body. Being the same, placed under the skin you can see a phenomenon of migration is not considered alarming .

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