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Posted in Glossary BDSM

bavaglioThe gag is a tool that is commonly used to prevent the diver to talk , moan or scream. BDSM environment there are different types , we cite the most known and used:
O- gag or gag O - It consists of a simple rigid ring often hypoallergenic steel that is forced through straps on the inside of the teeth forcing the sub to keep the mouth wide open when the dominant can pour out what you want .

Pump- gag or gag pump - Tool consists of a rubber balloon that hard once inserted into the mouth is inflated by giving a condition of extreme deprivation and forcing the sub to an almost total silence .

Gags plug or socket - Tool consists of a mouthpiece tube that , when provided ( gag cap ) can be closed by a removable cap and if necessary re-opened if you want to ingest something to the sub.

Cock- phallic gag or gag - Tool consists of a mouthpiece consists of a short penis rubber and adds a strong factor in humiliation.
Rope gag or gag on the ropes - in essence consists of several turns of rope ; extremely difficult to bear is used by nawashi in shibari to gag their sub .

Bite - Commonly used in riding environment is often associated with the pony bdsm play . It is normally connected to the reins. The factors that determine the severity of a bite are many and can be available in two materials : hard rubber or steel.

Ball gag - Jap- Gag - Gag a ball - The most known and used in BDSM settings . It consists of a perforated ball of diameter ranging from 3 to 5 cm in wood or hard rubber which is anchored by straps to the mouth of the diver. In Japanese bdsm is often used a ball with many holes that facilitate the flow of abundant salivation triggered by these tools.


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