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Báthory Erzsébet

Posted in Glossary BDSM

bathory elizabeth wallpaperHe was a legendary Hungarian serial killer , is considered the most famous serial killer in both Slovakia and Hungary. She and four of his associates were accused of torturing and killing hundreds of young women. The victims range between 100 and 300 detected of which he was strongly suspected at the time , according to a diary found during the search in his house , the victims would have been 650, and this would make her the worst serial killer ever. When complaints of disappearances of aristocratic ladies came to the Catholic Church , the Emperor Matthias II intervened by ordering an investigation into the noblewoman . The envoys of the Emperor entered to sneak into the castle and seized on the fact Báthory tortured while some girls , also found in many rooms and prisons several mangled corpses and women still live with amputated body parts . He was indicted and buried alive in his room with a hole to receive the food. Committed suicide four years later , leaving starvation in the cell.

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