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Posted in Glossary BDSM

aguraThis Japanese term literally means a typical position of sitting, similar to the one held by the Buddha in his depictions. It is a variant of Seiza, and e 'a posture reserved for men, in particular if it is kept in public, as it is inelegant for women. In the field and in particular in BDSM Bondage indicates a position shibari (ancient and artistic form of ligation Japanese better known as Kimbaku). With the Agura the person is tied in a sitting position on the ground, or more often on a cushion, keeping your knees bent and your legs crossed and then under the weight of his body. In this posture you feel pain after a short time, as the joints of the knees, ankles, but often, burdened by the mass of body weight are subjected to high stress and blood circulation are unfavorable.

agura        agura2

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