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Posted in Glossary BDSM

24-7The definition 24/7 applies , the whole of a BDSM relationship , to identify the behavior of a person subjected to test their own inferior status in relation to the dominant subject , so constant and continuous with no solution other than to live in perfect lifestyle, twenty four hours a day and seven days a week . Often this type of relationship is born in pairs which are devoted to romantic relationships very intense and vital . The length of the report, most of the time is not definable . In most cases, the sharing of an alternative sexuality , is the base for this kind of relationship . It is subject to the dominant set guidelines for this type of relationship , the subject submissive apply . Established a general consensus on the part of the subject of slavery submissive relationship can begin and be expertly intersected with work and social activities . Not impossible , but difficult to apply a similar relationship between two parties did not live together . The strong sense of belonging to a subject that is often subdued ago this kind of relationship goes beyond the forms of SSC commonly adopted by the BDSM community to arrive at the most intense forms and real in the form RACK .

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