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Posted in Glossary BDSM

algolagniaTendency to feel pleasure , sexual but also psychological , through the sensation of pain inflicted or warned . However, different and conflicting interpretations are given for this paraphilia which often leads to a clinical disease for a long time analyzed in the medical psychiatry. Normally the algolagnia or Algofilia is considered a branch of sadomasochism , or rather , one of its major component , representing an important aspect . The most widely used definition specifically provides algolagnia you can call the search for pleasure in inflicting physical pain to others. However, analyzing the causes of this trend , it would be natural to exclude this facet sadistic and masochistic algolagnia keep only the appearance of the definition of Algofilia . The reasons that may push to seek pain for his own pleasure , are basically two , neurological pain and pleasure sensations are quite similar and they travel in the same channels neurological differing only in the intensity of the stimulus , but this is obviously a personal limit derived by several factors such as the habit or the level of excitement , in fact often feel very slight pains that for others may be pleasant , such as the feeling of coming scratched . The other reason is of chemical origin : our body reacts to pain by producing endorphins, not dissimilar from morphine, which then generate pleasure , our brains so for these reasons can not distinguish between the two sensations of pain and pleasure. The term was coined in 1892 by researcher Albert von Schrenck - Notzing the union of the Greek " algos ," pain and lagnìa , lust, self declared sadistic researcher who identified this form as a psychological disorder, distinguishing it from the existing definition of Algofilia merely specifying that nell'algolagnia is the lustful look and love as the definition of algofilia already provided . The various study areas denote how often they can be at the origin of this paraphilia , of previous trauma of a violent nature or due to a state of neglect , most often occurring in adolescence , leading the individual to pain research as self-punishment for " atone for " sins .

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